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My name is Dan, and I was a drummer, multi-instrumentalist musician, and songwriter in LA from 1986 to 2019. I was also a drummer, multi-instrumentalist musician, and songwriter with Noodle Muffin for over 20 years.

Disclaimer: I do not use social networking [here’s why], so if you see someone who appears to be me, they are not.

Their new album was released on March 21, 2023, titled Meatbowl & the Donut Throne. Read more about my participation in Noodle Muffin HERE.

This new album is an amazing musical worth visiting.

Today, I am retired from making music for others, and am doing things for fun, on my own terms. That said, I may be open to future collaborations, so long as the people are fun and the music is decent. Never say never! (There certainly is NO money in music!)

I’ve always been all about the music and creativity. I enjoy the writing and recording process, as well as the energy of live performance. I am not yet certain if my days of performing are completely behind me, although chances are good that they are.

Giving the Hot Dad song “Buying Stuff” the 5-string fretless bass treatment.

I may post some old things from my past here, although I’m more about the present and future. For those who are curious, you can view a chronology of my highlights HERE.

March 2023

In the meantime, you can visit my cat blog, Dr. Tibo Bat Daily, for daily photos of the most handsome half-Maine Coon cat ever, and his elderly orange tabby brother, Rascal T. Brat.

I can be contacted via email at drumwild at gmail dot com.

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