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Noodle Muffin [1868-Present]

NOODLE MUFFIN [1868-Present]
Long ago, I was asked to join Noodle Muffin to help promote their album Magnum Dopus. Below is my favorite song from one of our early 21st century performances at The Blue Saloon in North Hollywood on June 15, 2002. You can see the entire show HERE.

I was discovered by Noodle Muffin after they’d heard about my activity from the previous century, where I successfully used my mental capabilities to manifest a square circle in from of over 3,000 eye witnesses. There were no survivors.

Impressed by this, they contacted me and I accepted their offer.

Since joining the band, I played drums in live performances, and played fretless bass in our final live performance in January 2009. I would later go on to write and track for drums, fretless bass, guitar, piano, synth, trombone, banjo, and more.

Tracking banjo for “Meatbowl & the Donut Throne.”

After providing tour support for Magnum Dopus, I tracked drums and other instruments on these albums:

Regime Change [2004]
Long Live the Spin [2008]
Time to Retox [2010]
Karmic Bitchslap [2012]
Morning in America [single/video] [2016]
Meatcup Just Snack [2022]
Meatbowl and the Donut Throne [2023]

The new album, Meatbowl & the Donut Throne, was released on March 21, 2023. On this album, I performed drums, voice acting, some foley art, and have some songwriting credits.

I am proud of the work that I did on this epic album, mixed and mastered by music veteran Ira Ingber.

Ira Ingber educates the band on what happens when “The 4k Clubhouse” gets too crowded. It can be why vocal performances seem to suck, when they’re actually spot-on.

Although the album was released on March 21, 2023, new music has already been in the works for a few months now. I am looking forward to what the future holds with regard to our new recordings, including Act Two of Meatbowl.

Tracking guitar, circa 2016
Tracking guitar, circa 2005
March 26, 2016: Tracking for Meatbowl & The Donut Throne.


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