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Karma McCartney [2008]

I was asked to join the band by Karma, the band founder and former MySpace co-worker.

Tracking drums for Karma McCartney’s album “Notes From The Sky.” Photo by Karma McCartney. [July 26, 2008]

We played a series of shows throughout LA, and recorded her album, “Notes From The Sky.”

It was the first band I had been involved with, where we had live performances with banjo, accordion, and ukulele.

The Good Hurt, Venice, CA [August 8, 2008]
November 20, 2008: Band photoshoot with LA photographer Sterling Andrews.

While I do not recall why I left the band, I do remember some good times. Karma and the other band members are all very talented artists, and are still active to this day.

February 9, 2007: Before the band – Hanging out with Karma at an LA Tiki bar.

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